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Give Me 12 Weeks, And I’ll Show You How To

Make Extra 6 Figures And

Get Flooded With Referrals

By Sharing Your Knowledge Only ONE Hour Per Month

Make Extra 6 Figures And Get Flooded With Referrals

By Sharing Your Knowledge

Only ONE Hour Per Month

(Without Drowning In Casework Or Being Stuck In Court)

So you Can Scale Your Law Practice and

Finally Have More Time For What Matters And Fulfills You THE MOST

So you can Scale Your Law Practice and

Have Finally More Time For What Matters And Fulfills You THE MOST

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From: Mila Yoli, Founder of Presenceology

Re: "The 5-Hour Business Lawyer"


I’m looking for 5 lawyers / law firm owners who want to monetise their expertise without drowning in casework or in court and reduce work hours to just 5 Hours Per day.

I'm offering a service where I'll personally help you package your existing skills, knowledge, and expertise you take for granted and then launch a Premium Group Program

✅ That can add an extra $50-100K a year to your income

Requires only 1 Hour Per Month of your time

And brings a Flood of Referrals for your law practice...

So You can finally have More Time for people and things that Matter and Fulfill You the Most.

And we'll also get you Featured in Major Press to increase your authority, position you as the go-to expert and get the recognition your brand deserves.



This strategy has already helped Lauren, business law practice owner, DOUBLE her income, scale her business law practice, and go from 90-hour work weeks to just 5-hour days.

When I met Lauren, a successful young business lawyer and co-founder of a Florida-based practice, she made a TOUGH Ask:

“I want to DOUBLE my income and go from 90-Hour Work Weeks to 5-Hour Days, not having to do things I don’t like, and finally have a breather to Hire A-Players to Delegate and Scale my law practice”.

It was BOLD. But I Took On The Challenge To Prove My System WORKS

In her 2nd year as the law practice co-founder, Lauren was putting in 90-100 hours a week and didn’t know how to further grow her business without putting in even more hours

I helped Lauren create ONE Group Program, packaging the knowledge and skills she took For Granted, and fill it with clients from her existing network - all in under 90 days.

As part of our work together, we got Lauren featured in several business publications, increasing her authority and positioning her as a go-to business expert.

From 90-Hour Weeks To

5-Hour Days Lifestyle Law Practice OWNER

The results?

Let’s just say Lauren was blown away:

  • Lauren went from struggling to sell $500 courses to charging $1.5K Per Client for her group program that takes only 1 hour per month to fulfill

  • She got featured in Forbes, Bloomberg and Business Insider

  • She DOUBLED her income within 12 months and got flooded with referrals to her law practice

  • With more income and growth in her practice, Lauren was able to hire rock-star associates and paralegals to delegate mundane work

  • And now she focuses on the aspects she excels at and have the highest returns in her practice, making her feel like a True BUSINESS OWNER.

And the BEST part:

Within 12 months, Lauren went from 90-hour work weeks to working only 25 hours per week and having more time for people and things that matter and fulfill her the most.

Are You Next?

Due to the 1-on-1 nature of the program, I am very selective about who I choose to work with.

Ready to add an Extra $50-100K a year to your income while Working LESS, by leveraging the knowledge and skills you take for granted? Fill out the application now.👇

I will personally review it and get back to you within 24-48 hrs.

And if it's a good fit, we'll hop on a free Zoom call to map out your "6-Figure" Game Plan.

Let’s make it happen!

Mila Yoli


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